Australia’s New Bike Park: The mystery continues

Australia is set to get an all new destination for all forms of mountain biking a stones throw from Sydney. Touted to have every rider covered from the cross-country bandits to the high-flying free riders among us, this park is being sold as the next big ride location.

Local NSW trail building company ‘Synergy Trails’ is being contracted to build the bike park that is said to be located approximately an hour North of Sydney, in Glenworth Valley. Social Media has been rife with mysterious posts from the company building suspense and controversy at the same time.


A launch statement last night did however confirm that the project is expected to open sometime in 2019 with over 120km of trails. Inclusive of cross country trails, gravity, DH, Enduro and dirt jumping; the park looks set to be a welcome addition to the Australian mountain bike scene.

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There are rumours of a chairlift at some stage and international events are being billed as being held at the location in the future. We at Brakes Wide Open look forward to hearing more from Synergy Trails on the exciting new venture and we will certainly be keeping your posted…

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