Boomerang Farm Christmas Jam: A Mega MTB Event

When it comes to entertainment, epic riders and blockbuster tricks, there is no better place to go than the Boomerang Farm Christmas Jam. With a massive showing of riders and no shortage of talent, the day was packed full of whips, flips and jamming good times….

Boomerang Farm is located on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland and is home to one of the best bike parks in the nation. If you are chasing gravity fed trails with features to keep even the gnarliest free rider entertained, then look no further. Every year the Boomerang Farm Christmas Jam is held at the Mudgereeba park and there is no shortage of thrills, spills and entertainment. This year saw nearly 100 riders partake in the madness and Brakes Wide Open popped in to get a bird’s eye view of the action.

Matt Donnelly getting Diall’d at Boomerang Farm
Petr Drabek getting horizontal at Boomers

This year saw the day kick off with a normal shuttle morning followed by a massive mega train of riders styling their way down the free ride line, with over 60 riders running the train from top to bottom. After a brief stop for a BBQ lunch, the whip off competition proved to be full of skills and the occasional spill, with only a few riders coming off second best as they swung their bike sideways over the table tops.

Sam Fraser sending it like no other
Amplitude was in no shortage this year

Sam Fraser managed to keep the crowd entertained back flipping the table top and the big line, showing that a downhill bike cannot hinder his talents when it comes to busting moves. As the bikes took to the air there was no shortage of moves being made and seat grabs, superman seat grabs, no footers and suicide no-handers were thrown to keep the shutters moving on the many cameras in the crowd.

Zac Watson going well past horizontal and pulling her back
Sam Fraser getting the DH bike upside down on the freeride line

As the band took to the stage the big line was opened, featuring 40, 50 and 60 foot gap jumps. The most experienced riders tested their metal and hit the gaps with speed, style and skill. There were a few spills on some landings, but luckily everyone walked away with only minor injuries. Sam Fraser again pulled out the back flip, this time on a 50 foot jump over a band on stage; truly a blockbuster move that had the crowd cheering loud and proud.

The Big Line was open and full steam ahead

As the sun dropped below the horizon, flood lights were lit and the party moved to the dirt jump section. More boosting, more flips, more beers and some good old-fashioned banter. The Boomerang Farm Christmas Jam delivered as it has in the past, this year going bigger, harder and with more and more style. Make sure you don’t miss next year’s Christmas Jam if you are looking for an epic place to ride, head on out to Boomerang Farm.

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