Tested : Dakine Roller Bike Bag

Traveling with a bike can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in this world. After all, what is better than jumping on a plane, landing in another country and tackling the loam aboard your trusty steed? Nothing, but traveling with a bike can be tough and we decided to put the Dakine Roller bag to the test on a recent trip to Derby.


The Dakine Roller bag is a great solution to travelling with your bike. Weighing in at 8 kg and sizing in at 140 x 33 x 86cm, the roller bag is light enough and small enough to meet any airline baggage requirements. Made of 600D ripstop polyester and murdered out in black, the roller bag is made to last and looks good doing it.

Easy as Pie

Once you open the Dakine Roller Bag it becomes increasingly clear that there is a level of protection for your bike that rivals and flat out beats some of its competitors. The separate wheel bags provide great protection for the your rims, top tube protection if taken care of with a separate cover that holds the handlebars in place alongside the bike, and the fork is neatly stowed in a well padded bag that clips into the bottom of the bike bag. Chainstay protection comes in the form of a large synthetic block that sits between the chainstays and locks the bike in place, multiple straps allow your steed to be safely secured to the solid bottom of the bag and eliminates movement during transit.

The solid construction and perfect layout make this bike bag from Dakine a great addition to their product line-up, even the most tedious trip is made easy knowing your bike is safe and sound. For those that aren’t too sure about how to pack the bag, the crew at Dakine have even sewn in some instructions on the lid of the bag making is easy as pie. Rolling through the airport couldn’t have come easier when we hit the road for Tasmania, stable, steady and easy to roll through the airport; we were pleasantly surprised. some bags tend to fall over or not stay upright, but the wider base on the roller bag improves stability and makes traveling with your bike a breeze.


First impressions of the bag were good and the brakes wide open crew couldn’t have love the Dakine Bike Roller Bag more, easy to use, good solid construction and effective bike protection. Not only did the bike come back safe and sound from a recent trip but the bag comes in at almost half the price of some of EVOC’s bike bags. Honestly this bag is great value for money and keeps your bike safe protected at a level that rivals its top-level competitors. If you want to save some money and still keep you bike safe, then this bag is a solid winner.

Product: Dakine Roller Bike Bag

RRP: AUD $550

Available at mountain bike direct or all good bike stores

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