2019 Queensland Enduro Series : The Future Looks Bright

2018 saw the changing of the guard for the SEQ Qld Enduro series with promoters EMS Enduro handing the reigns over to the local clubs. This saw a few hiccups initially but overall the season ran reasonable well with an increased number of races, greater diversity as far as geographical locations were concerned, and the addition of a new timing team ‘White lightning Events‘. A cracking season was had for the most part but it looks like 2019 is going to step up the tempo…..

The SEQ Enduro series is no more and the ‘Queensland Enduro Series’ has been born. With a total of 7 races in some of the best mountain biking destinations in sunny Queensland, White lightning events looks to have built the foundation for a Stellar year on the bike for anyone game enough to strap a race plate to their steed.

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Round 1 : (New Date) April 28 Garapine

Perhaps better known as the home of Gravity Enduro mountain biking in Australia, Garapine was host to the first ever GE race to kick off in this sun-baked country of ours. Set on private property approximately 2 hours drive north of Brisbane, Garapine is home to a great network of trails that have been built to rail, boost and pin. The perfect venue to kick off another season on the bike in our great State. ENTER HERE

Garapine, the home of gravity Enduro in Australia

Round 2 : May 19 Toowoomba

Home of dust, rocks and an adequate serve of technical terrain, Toowoomba will play a pivotal role again in the Enduro series. Hosting many national rounds, championships and enduro rounds in the past, this epic location delivers time and time again. Two hours West of Brisbane at the start of the main range, Toowoomba will play host to round Two of the series. ENTER HERE

No shortage of dust at T-Bah

Round 3 : June 16 Tamrookum Creek

With its first dive into the series in 2018, Tamrookum Creek Bike Park brought a capital T when it came to technical terrain. Steep, rocky, loose and full of chutes; Tamrookum delivered one of the most challenging races of the season, hands down. 2019 will see them continue to host races with round 3 of the series. ENTER HERE

Tamrookum will offer the most technical terrain of the season

Round 4 : July 14 Rockhampton

The first road trip of the season away from the South East corner of Queensland happens in round 4 of the series. Rockhampton hosts this round and its known for some dry, loose and rocky trails with some killer liaison stages. Approximately 600km North of Brisbane, Rockhampton may seem like an unlikely place to race, but it received great reviews from riders last year and puts its name on the mountain biking map.

Check out Rocky MTB club website for more details.


Round 5 : August 11 Boomerang Farm

Where gravity meets the dirt, Boomerang Farm bike Park begins. An epic destination for round 5 of the series and one that has literally got the team at Brakes Wide Open falling off their seats with excitement. This place is truly one of the best places to ride in Queensland with nothing but Gravity and features in mind. Boomerang Farm will bring a healthy dose of speed and air to round 5 of the series.

No shortage of air time at Boomerang Farm

Round 6 : Atherton Forest

The second road trip of the year means perhaps stepping onto a plane instead of jumping in the driver’s seat. Set in Atherton State Forest a measly 1800 km North of Brisbane and 100km South West of Cairns, Atherton State Forest Mountain bike park hosts round 6 of the series. Home to 56 km of trails encompassing 17 different runs, Atherton Bike park has no shortage of dirt. Trail difficulty will certainly be a lot easier here with the majority of trails not passing the intermediate level, it will be interesting to see what Atherton has to offer.


Round 7 : October 13 Mt Joyce Kooralbyn

Unfortunately due to constant trail network issues and rescheduling with SEQ water whom are the land owners, Mt Joyce has been taken off the Queensland Enduro Series calendar. whilst we are always disappointed to miss out on riding at Joyce there is a silver lining, the team at Kooralbyn Mountain Bike club have taken up the torch and will be holding the final round before State Champs.

Kooralbyn has long been known for it’s heritage steeped in cross country mountain biking but this year a foray into the world of Enduro has seen Kooralbyn put back on the map. Situated approximately half an hour from Mt Joyce and consisting of the same dusty goodness, Kooralbyn will not disappoint. Whilst the trails are short and lack the gnar of Mt Joyce, the venue will provide a contrast to some of the other rounds and will certainly assist those with legs to take the win. Check out our ride location article here.

The Stage is Set

As we drool over the 2019 fixtures, nothing more than stoke fills the mind of this rider. A great mix of trails with technical, steep, gravity orientated locations adorning the calendar. There is something for everyone in this race line up and there couldn’t be a more diverse range of locations to ride.

The QLD Race calendar has turned a corner and the future looks bright

The movement from a regional series to a State series is in our opinion, a good one. This will allow more riders to participate in the series, more locations to benefit from the influx of riders and more points to be accrued for the MTBA Gravity Enduro National Cup. All in all, it means more bikes hitting the trails at more amazing locations and a bucket load more fun!

As the curtains close on the 2018 season here in Queensland, the future looks bright. The light is shining already on the 2019 season and it looks like White Lightning events is steering this ship in the right direction……

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