Castle Hill – The ultimate all weather spot

When the rain hits the trails in South East Queensland the local trail fairies can be extremely territorial when it comes to their local trail networks, with many being deemed closed to trail riders due to impact on the trails. Castle Hill is no such place and its rocky terrain makes it the perfect wet weather option for any and all trail riders. Built on an old quarry, Castle Hill is an awesome place to ride with many gravity-orientated trails that will keep the adrenaline pumping….

Hand built single track is the only dish on the menu at Castle Hill

Castle hill trail network is located just off Mary st in Blackstone, an outer suburb of Ipswich just West of Brisbane. It is home to just over 13 km of hand-built single track that will appeal to riders of all levels, including a pump track and skills park located at the bottom of most of the black diamond runs in the old Quarry.

The top of the hill, with two of the best tracks at Castle on offer….

Whilst the network is small, it is certainly one that is packed full of goodness with four beginner (green) trails, six intermediate trails (blue) and six advanced (black diamond) trails. The vast majority of which finish in the Quarry below, with the best means to climb to the start of the trails, being the fire road.

Loose, Dusty and full of fun….

Whilst most of the trails are short, they are packed full of fun with doubles, gaps, chutes and some techy loose off camber corners. The pick of the best trails would have to be ‘World Cup’, ‘Phils’ and ‘Rowies’; all of which start at the top of the fire road and after a minute and a half of fun, toss you into the skills park below.

The pump track and skills area is an excellent addition to Castle Hill


The best weather for Castle Hill is just after some recent rain as it can be super hot in the afternoon sun and is nearly always loose and dusty. There’s a car park located on Mary St and a water point available for use, but no toilet at this stage (so take your motions to the local McDonalds!). Keep an eye out for koalas, wallabies and snakes when you hit the trails here and make sure you take all your rubbish out.

Home to many a kicker, the ‘World Cup’ track is our pick of the litter…

If you are heading to Castle Hill, don’t let the weather scare you away as a dusting of rain often makes this place really come to life. Make sure you pack a bike with a bit of travel and an aggressive geometry to get the best out of the trails, a mid to long travel trail bike will be the order of the day, but it’s not uncommon to see the odd downhill rig out here. Navigating your way around the trail network is relatively easy, just download trailforks or check out the map below, sometimes getting lost can be a little fun. As always, where a lid on your melon and keep it rubber-side down…..

Trail map

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