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In the modern mountain biking world it’s not only important to rail corners, pin it down chutes and send big gaps; but it is important to look good doing it. In our search for killer kit we couldn’t go past local rider-driven clothing brand, Diall’d Industries. Emerging from beyond the sandy beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast, Diall’d Industries has taken a head first dive into the foray of mountain bike based lifestyle clothing… and the first impression is good.

Jayden Bristol railing it in the diall’d ride tee

In focus View

The brain child of Nathan Kennedy, a local rider that can be seen railing corners and sending gaps on the local trails and a regular on the local enduro scene. Rider owned and operated, this local brand has edged it’s way into the market and is looking to build its brand and its exposure.

Not only is Diall’d producing their own rider tees but it is also the Australian distributor for US clothing brand ‘Dirt Trail Riders‘, known for their killer shirts and epic ride socks. This was the basis for the conception of ‘Diall’d Industries‘ but after commencing distribution, diall’d could not help but stick their fingers in the pie of creative flair and start producing their own range.

Nathan Kennedy testing the kit in its natural habitat

Designed by riders for riders, Diall’d have only been dipping their proverbial toes into the water since July this year. So it’s early days for this fledgling company but they are already picking up a few young riders to rep the brand and build the exposure, young guns Cody Koerner and Jayden Bristow. A solid foot forward into the world of mountain bike apparel with a desire to give back to the local ride scene, diall’d are ticking a few boxes already. For this reason we decided to take a look at one of their bits of kit, the diall’d logo ride tee…..

Foot out, flat out, looking diall’d

Diall’d Ride Tee

The Diall’d Ride Tee is their first product that is locally designed and printed on the Gold Coast, Queensland. A Black Tee made of light weight cotton emblazoned with the diall’d logo across the front and a stoked hand sign on the rear near the neck. First glance, this looks like any other ride tee, but once you put on the Tee it begins to become clearer. Light weight feel with a perfect fit, good materials and workmanship and a printing technique that allows the Tee to breath through the printing. To be honest the Tee looked and felt good on but how does it fair on the trail?

Brakes Wide Open’s Mike Branch looking at home in the ride tee

Diall’d don’t claim the Tee is anything more than it is, they don’t claim magical sweat wicking properties, they don’t claim magical ride boosting powers and they certainly don’t expect you to turn into Brendan Semenuk as soon as you don the Tee. However, as someone who never normally wears Tees on the trails, I can say I was suitably impressed. The T-shirt feels comfortable, is light weight, breaths well and looks….well, pretty Diall’d. So much so that I would definitely be wearing the Tee on and off the trails; and it will definitely be a go to shirt on shuttle days each and every time.

Jayden Bristow pinning it at Cornubia Forest in the Diall’d Ride Tee

The Nitty Gritty

Product : Diall’d Industries Ride T-shirt

Cost : $35 AUD

Material : 100% Lightweight Cotton

Available at :

Buying local and supporting local is what we are all about and Diall’d Industries certainly meet that criteria. A local brand that has just stepped into a fiercely competitive market with a desire to build and support local riders and the local ride scene. It is early days for these guys and the Dirt Trail Riders gear they distribute is good gear with an epic and unique look. The new Diall’d Ride Tee is an excellent start for their own product range and we at Brakes Wide Open certainly look forward to the upcoming launch of more new shirts (within the next few months). If you are keen to get some killer kit and support the local ride scene then head on over to the Diall’d Industries website and check out their gear….


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