Ride Destination: Cornubia Trail Network

It’s not often that you can drive a short distance from the city centre, throw your leg over your trusty steed and hit the trails. Cornubia in Brisbane’s Southern suburbs is one such place and as we soon discovered, this place is a cracking place to ride. With approximately 15kms of single track 25 minutes from the Brisbane CBD and 10 minutes ride from neighboring trail network Daisy Hill, Cornubia is fast becoming a popular mountain biking destination.

There is nothing more appealing to the modern-day mountain biker than having trails a short distance away, so that the convenience of blending busy lives with blazing the trails, can be made simpler. Cornubia is one such place that certainly makes Brisbane-based trail riders a little happier and a little more pleased with themselves.

Jayden Bristow ploughing his way through the rubble

Close to home and packed full of fun…

Located just 25 minutes from the Brisbane CBD just off Kimberly Drive in the South Eastern suburb of Cornubia, this growing trail network is home to approximately 15 kms of single track and 9 individual trails. With a range of trail difficulties to keep most riders entertained, Cornubia Forest is home to mostly blue trails with some green and just one black diamond trail. All trail features are achievable for most capable riders and the ability to ride around features is certainly maintained for the novice riders amongst us.

Lush green forest can be found in the lower basins of the trails

Linked to an ever-expanding Network

The location of Cornubia trail network is only bolstered by its close-proximity to local favourite and flow trail haven, Daisy Hill. Whilst the Daisy Hill Trail network is only approximately 2 kilometers away (accessed via Leo Lindo Drive and onto the fire road heading past ‘Nirvana’), the two trail networks couldn’t be further apart. Cornubia’s hand built, rugged, natural single track provides a welcome change from the smooth dirt footpaths that Daisy Hill trails are sometimes referred to as. The short distance between the two does provide the ability to park at the Daisy Hill car park where there are ample amenities, before you stretch the legs out on the ride over to Cornubia for the real fun to begin.

With plans to build further link trails through bush land at Mt Cotton and link Bayview Conservation Park with its neighboring trail networks, the area is truly getting a boost as far as resources go.

Whilst it’s not overly steep, some small chutes are there to be found

Diamonds in the rough

If this devilish mountain bike fiend was to delve into the foray of trails available at Cornubia Forest then there would be two clear stand-out trails, ‘Wallum Froglet’ and ‘West Mt Cotton Link’. Whilst both trails are easily ride-able by any avid mountain biker willing to don a lid and let the rubber hit the dirt, both trails provide a remarkable level of fun. The easiest way to hit them up is to park up at Kimberly drive, head down ‘bird wing’ a short distance, hit the fire road and head left before turning onto ‘spangled drongo’ which in turn leads straight into a bliss ball of Wallum Froglet fun.

Jayden Bristow on ‘Bird Wing’

The West Mt Cotton Link trail veers off of ‘Wallum Froglet’ at the bottom of the trail, it’s all up hill from there until you hit Mt Cotton Rd, you have to earn your turns at Cornubia. Once you have hit the road it’s all down hill from there with some epic berms, doubles and flow to keep you smiling.

Double or nothing they say, all in at Cornubia with little consequence

Whatever your taste when it comes to mountain biking, Cornubia has a dish for each and every one of us. Whilst the menu is full of single track, rugged, dusty and natural terrain; there is no shortage of features to keep you entertained. There’s no monster features out at Cornubia and the trails aren’t overly techy, but a stones throw from the city, there’s no better place…….

Maps and navigation available with the trail forks app.


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