Gear Review: Demon United Podium Helmet

When looking for a lid to protect our melon with there are a few criteria that need to be covered, at the top of that pile is protection. The Demon United Podium Full face meets the full face requirements of gravity riders whilst meeting US CPSC and Australian AS/NZS 2063 standards. Not only is this a protective lid, but its also a fashionable bit of kit at the right price….

When it comes to protecting your melon, there’s no substitute for quality, but sometimes that comes at an expensive price. For some riders, the price point on the more expensive helmets make them well out of reach, particularly if you don’t run a full face most of the time, maybe you just pull it out a couple times a year for the bike park. Enter the Demon Podium Full Face Helmet; solid helmet at the right price.


Weighing in at approximately 950 grams (or units of science to my American friends) the Demon Podium is not exactly the lightest helmet on the market. To be honest, the weight is not overly noticeable, particularly if you are on a DH track and not concerned about riding uphill. It is however light enough to wear for enduro, with 13 vents and a lightweight chin bar, the breath-ability is surprisingly good. In fact I was rather surprised at the fact the helmet didn’t feel like a sauna in the Aussie Sun!


The Podium is a budget alternative for protecting your skull whilst hitting the trails. At under $90 USD or $120 AUD, the price point is extremely attractive, making this a perfect entry level helmet for the avid rider. Whilst cheap, the podium does offer reasonable protection and great breath-ability. I probably wouldn’t be lining up a run in Redbull Rampage wearing this helmet, but it felt comfortable and safe on black diamond downhill trails and for most of what us mere mortals may hit.

No matter what your budget, you should be able to afford a helmet that provides protection, is comfortable and doesn’t weigh a tonne. The Demon United Podium provides all of this and more, for less that $120 AUD. If you are chasing an entry level lid that doesn’t break the bank then this may be the right lid for you….

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