Toowoomba – Where gravity counts

When chasing the next adrenaline rush, the next drop, the next gap jump and the next technical single track, Queensland mountain bikers head to Toowoomba for their fix of gravity mountain biking. whether you are chasing the gnar on a rugged natural downhill track like ‘McKenzie Frenzy’ or itching for the flow of defibrillator, this mountain biking destination has a full quiver for any mountain biker….

Located just 2 hours drive South West of Brisbane, Toowoomba sits atop the main range and has some of the best elevation in Southern Queensland. Home to Enduro World Series Racer Jared Graves, Toowoomba is an outstanding location to let the rubber hit the dirt and get your fix of dry, loose and natural terrain.

Foot out, flat out is the order of the day

Jubilee Park Trail Network

The best and pretty much the only place to head downhill in Toowoomba is Jubilee Park, and the trails head straight down the range you just drove up to get there! Located on the doorstep of Toowoomba (in fact you could buy a house at the trail head), Jubilee Park is a locals haunt and an easy ride to get to even from across town. The upper trail heads can be located at the end of Bridge St, or if you want to hit up the infamous Mackenzie Frenzy, Harvey St is the spot to park your wheels. For those out there that want to start at the bottom of the trail network and climb your way up, Amos Rd just out-of-town is the spot to pull up stumps and unload the steed.


No Shortage of Technical Trails

Whilst Toowoomba may be a nice, floral town a short drive from Brisbane,Jubilee Park trail network is known for its dry, dusty and loose technical trails. There’s full on rutted out, rugged and natural downhill trails such as Mackenzie Frenzy to get the blood pumping. Smooth Flowy trails such as hyperlink and defibrillator in the upper section of the trail network provide a welcome contrast to the order of the day. The vast majority of the trails are loose, rocky and will paste a smile straight across your dial.

For those out there that aren’t as comfortable with the loose, rocky and technical terrain, never fear. Toowoomba can be as rowdy or tame as you make it, with trails from blue through to double black diamond, allowing for every rider to build and test his or her abilities. There’s ample parking and toilets are located at the Amos street end of the trail network.

The best way to see the trail is from the air!
No shortage of speed and rowdy fun at T-bah

Jubilee Park Trail Network is an epic place to ride not matter your skill level, there is something for everyone. The technical rocky single track provides a challenge for even the most seasoned of riders, whilst some of the flowy trail at the top keeps the smile on your face and the roost flowing freely. Toowoomba is truly an amazing place to ride and tops my list when it comes for looking for places to ride in South East Queensland……

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