Rider Review – Bell Super 3R MIPS

When we hit the trails it’s important that we protect our melon with the best possible lid that we can, to house our soggy brains and keep us from becoming another brain injured rider. Sometimes it can be hard to find a lid that is protective, comfortable and stylish. The Bell Super 3R is all of these things and more….

A helmet for all occasions

When I was out looking for a new helmet after my last brain-jarring crash, it was important to me that I try and find a helmet that met my individual needs. To me it was important that I had a helmet that had me covered when I was just hitting the local trails and didn’t need the full face coverage, but it was also important that I had the option for full face coverage without having to buy a second lid. After all, it is super hot where I live and I need full face coverage in the local enduro races, but hated having to climb the liaison stages with my face fully enclosed. Enter the detachable chin guard…

mad shot dirty1-2
Hitting the local trails in the half-shell version of the Bell Super 3R

At first I was a skeptic, as many of us are. How can a helmet really provide all of these options without making a sacrifice? The sacrifice is certainly not comfort, I found that this lid not only provided state of the art MIPS protection but it was probably by far the most comfortable helmet I had worn to date. With the chin bar not attached, the helmet was cool, breathable and comfortable, with no slipping or movement on my head and absolutely nothing stabbing into my scalp (an issue I have had with some cheaper helmets). So how doe the helmet stand up to a decent serve of gravity? Well to test this out I figured there would be no better place than Queenstown, New Zealand to turn up the pressure gauge and really pout it through its paces.

Dropping into Vertigo, in Queenstown bike park

Safety and Convenience

The first thing I noticed when I packed for Queenstown was the fact that I only needed to bring one helmet, instead of two. Ordinarily I would have to pack a open-face and a full-face helmet, on this trip it was just one lid that was required. Not only this but when I was hitting trails that I had not ridden before I could whack the chin guard in my ride pack and if things got a little gnarly, the helmet was instantly converted. This was extremely handy and allowed me not to have to worry if I was fully protected, no matter where I ventured. Whilst riding with a pack is not my normal manner in which I ride, it certainly allowed me the convenience of being able to swap out my head protection quickly and safely.

Rude Rock

The good, the bad and the ugly

When I think about the Bell Super 3R I think about how comfortable it is, the awesome air flow, breath-ability and it’s subtle stylish design. It truly is a helmet that I have grown to love and will certainly be the bike trip helmet I pack for all occasions, except when I am hitting big lines on the downhill bike. The cons of the helmet are that it is not DH certified, so if you are hitting massive lines a standard full face may be a better option; that being said it provides a large degree of safety and confidence. I guess the biggest negative for many riders is the price-point with a RRP of over $300 AUD or US$230, it may be well out of reach for some riders. If you ask me, there is no sacrifice for safety and I am happy to pay that price; but I have that ability, some may not.

Overall I found the Bell Super 3R to be comfortable, stylish, had awesome airflow and breath-ability and I felt super confident in its ability to protect my melon should the meat hit the dirt. This review was conducted over a six month period and the helmet was purchased at full retail with zero input or bias from any other company or source.



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