Daisy Hill – Flow trails galore

Daisy Hill is not known for its technical trails or challenging terrain, nor is it known for vast elevation and gravity orientated mountain biking; but at its heart it embodies what mountain biking is all about……

Located approximately half an hour from the heart of Brisbane on the South Side of the city, Daisy Hill is home to an ever-growing trail network that has seen plenty of drive and development in the last few years. Driven by local council members and trail alliances, Daisy Hill is home to a network that has an extremely level of mountain bike traffic. Touted as home of the ‘dirt footpath’ by some of the gravity crowd, it is certainly a great place to start out mountain biking and has many challenges up to the intermediate level.


Something for everyone

Comprising of 23km of mountain bike trails and a bucket load of fire trails, it is easy to get lost at Daisy Hill if you are the navigation-impaired mountain bike rider; as always it is recommended to download the trailforks app so you can find your way out. The vast majority of trails are rated intermediate by IMBA standards, with a stand alone black diamond trail in the south of the park, a trail named ‘Nirvana’. This trail is far from an epic flow trail in fact you would be more inclined to dub it a natural hand-built trail with off camber corners and some challenging technical climbs. Often, I steer clear of this trail as it just doesn’t provide me with a fun and challenging ride, I find it more frustrating than fun.


Standout trails

There are quite a few good rides to be found in the trail network and you don’t have to travel far to get your wheels spinning along some flow trail fun. Located a short ride from the car park is the five-ways, a trailhead that has a rest area, trail map and the entrance to a few of the solid intermediate trails. By no means will the seasoned rider find these trails challenging but the flow and fun that can be had on ‘Jumping Ant’, possum box and Koala cannot be denied, they are certainly must rides when starting or finishing your loop. Koala flows right into tunnel of love and the combination of the two provide a good chance to boost a couple of small doubles and pick up some speed after crossing over a cresting rock garden.

Probably the pearl in the crown of Daisy is ‘Wiry Panic’ or the strava segment ‘Stonehenge’ located in the North-East corner of the park and an absolute must-ride at Daisy. This short more gravity-focused trail is hand-built with some good berms, rocky technical features and some doubles and drops to spice it up before climbing out. Whilst this trail can certainly be rolled down, it is best hit at full tilt where the traction of the rubber on your wheels can be tested.


No shortage of Amenities

Daisy Hill has had some dollars thrown at it and the trail network is constantly growing, at present the facilities are being upgraded and look certain to be a damn sight better in the future. Toilets are available, there is ample parking, multiple trailhead and access to drinkable water; all welcome facilities when hitting the trails. Maps are available at the trailhead to view and there is access to emergency services should your ride take a turn for the worse. As always its recommended that you download and use trailforks and don the right protection when hitting any new trails, you can definitely leave the full-face at home at Daisy Hill and if you need more info on what protection to where when riding click here.


If you are getting too hot on the trails it’s a great idea to ride the ‘Glider’ trail and swing past the old quarry to cool off and get your feet wet! daisy is a great place to hit the trails and spin out some distance, it’s family friendly and is a great place to take riders of all skill levels. next time you feel like a fun ride with a little less gravity be sure to park up at Daisy and let the rubber meet the dirt…….

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