Bunyaville State Forest – A local’s Haunt

Bunyaville State Forest is home to a local trail network that provides anyone on the North side of Brisbane a place to spin their wheels on the trail. Within 18km of the Brisbane CBD, it provides a mini trail paradise within the Northern Suburbs and place to hit the trails without having to venture far from home. Here’s our take on hitting the dirt at Bunya….

Located in the suburb of Bunya approximately 17.1km from the CBD on the North side of Brisbane, accessible primarily from Jinker Track; Bunyaville is easily accessible for all comers. There is ample parking along Jinker Track along the road or at the sports Complex located at the end of Jinker Track. Water is available at the Top of ‘Jurassic’ and is potable; with toilets located inside the Conservation area along the ring road. At times parking can be tough but you can park along the road outside of parking areas without issue, peak periods are obviously weekends with mornings being the more popular time to ride due to the local climate.

The start of the mini jump line on the black diamond rated trail ‘Jurassic’

Comprising of ten mountain bike specific trails and various multi-use trails, there is something for everyone at Bunya. those of the gravity-focused riding style may find it difficult to hit the level of adrenaline they may be accustomed to, but the trails are by no means boring; providing a great little spot to hit the trails with your mates. The majority of trails are rated at intermediate level, with two black diamond rated trails located here. The black diamond trails, Jurassic and Carnivore are fun little runs with a short downhill section and some cool little jumps and drops; as far as black diamond trails go, these trails are on the easier side of experienced level riders.

Carnivore (Carnage) is a fun little run that is flowy as heck

There is plenty of fun to be had at Bunya and the trails are maintained by local trail alliances and the North Brisbane Dirt Dogs, keeping the trails in epic condition most of the time. Of course, Bunya suffers from the same issues as any trail network, people tackling trails too outside of their skill set and B lines being formed by riding around obstacles or cutting corners. There is nothing more frustrating then people altering the trail by forming B lines, but it seems to be an ongoing issue everywhere. As far as wet weather riding goes, Bunya doesn’t handle the rain well and can get bogging, but when its slightly moist the trails are mint. General trail condition is dry, like most networks in the SEQ region.


Whatever your riding style, Bunya provides a fun trail network within close proximity to Brisbane city and on the doorstep of many Northside residences. There is not a great deal of elevation, but the trails are fun and all-inclusive; the close proximity of Ironbark Gully allows the keen rider to ride between the two trail networks via Linkwood Drive. if you are in the Brisbane area, you’d be mad not to drop in for a spin and get some dirt beneath your wheels…..




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