Boomerang Farm: Where gravity meets the dirt….

When it comes to gravity mountain biking, Boomerang Farm is amongst the best locations in Australia. Home to Outlook Riders Alliance and boasting homegrown members like Remy Morton, the trails at Boomerang farm are world-class. If you are chasing a place that gets the adrenaline moving, the suspension travel bottoming out and airtime hitting the max, then Boomers is the place for you…..

Remy Morton hitting Boomerang Farm at the recent Christmas jam

Located in Mudgereeba, just inside the Queensland border and nudging the Gold Coast Hinterland, Boomerang Farm is not what it seems on the surface. When you arrive at the farm you soon realise that mountain biking is not the only past time undertaken within its grounds. In fact, Boomerang Farm is primarily a golf course and wedding venue, but in the hills surrounding the golf course are some of the best gravity trails in Queensland. Built by the members, maintained by the members and led by trail builder Shane Flower, the trails at Boomers are not for the faint-hearted, although they do boast an ultra-friendly crowd.

Mini freeride provides an awesome black diamond run that’ll keep the air underneath your wheels.

With a handful of intermediate blue trails to warm up on, three black diamond trails that’ll keep you testing your skills and a three double blacks  that’ll have you asking Santa for a new set of balls for Christmas; it’s no wonder this place is breeding some epic riders. Shuttles run every weekend, Mondays, Fridays and some days during holidays, generally from 8am to 2pm, check the Boomerang Farm (Outlook Riders Alliance) facebook page for details. For the ‘Enduro’ crew that like to earn their turns, there is also a climbing trail that will get you to the top, minus a few calories….

The Big line at Boomerang Farm is only for experts, contact the club for details on opening times of the Big line.

Whilst the club doesn’t mandate protection levels and leave it up to the rider, they certainly suggest you wear a full face helmet, knee and elbow protection and body armor unless you are at an elite level. The ride can be epic, but when you play with gravity… sometimes lose and the trails at Boomerang Farm can be unforgiving. If you are chasing speed and adrenaline, this place certainly delivers and if you are pushing the envelope, you need to be safe….. so pad up.


Airtime is free of charge at Boomerang Farm, but you do need to pay to ride!

Easiest way to hit the trails at Boomerang Farm is to head there by car, located at 55 Johns Road, Mudgereeba; just an hour South of Brisbane. Enter through the golf course entrance and follow the signs for parking, make sure you head into the Trails and Tribes shop to sign in and get a wrist band. Fees are $19 for non-members, $14 for members, spectators are free; $20 for shuttles when they are running. Memberships are annual if you are a local and its best to checkout the club facebook page by clicking this link.


If you are chasing an epic ride on manicured feature packed trails, then Boomerang Farm is a must-ride location that will have even the most seasoned rider drooling on their jersey. This epic destination is by far one of Australia’s best riding destinations within a stones throw of the sun-baked beaches of the Gold coast; Boomers cannot be left off the itinerary when visiting sunny Queensland.


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