Ironbark Gully – A must ride in Brisbane

The majority of Brisbane trails lack the gravity to really entice the ‘enduro’ trail rider and often the trails are used to train on before driving to one of the many locations within 2 hours of Brisbane. Toowoomba, Mt Joyce, Nerang and Hennessy Hill DH track are all a short drive from Brisbane; but there a few little gems amongst the city. One of these little gems is Ironbark Gully……

Located approximately 17km from the Brisbane CBD on the North Western side of the outer suburbs and a short distance from Samford, Ironbark gully is a work in progress but the benefits are there to be reaped. Local trail alliances and the D’aguilar Range Cycling club maintain the trails and lobby for more government funding, each year the progress is notable and the trails are busy.

The easiest access is via Samford Road and there is ample parking at the bottom of the runs with a large car park, an epic little skills area and a couple of small jump lines. Facilities have not yet been built in regards to water and toilets, so keep this in mind when you head out and bring plenty of water cause it can get hot. For those wanting to shuttle the runs, there is paved road around to the top of the hill via normal traffic means, best drop of point is at the phone tower at the end of Burns Road.



The Pearls of Ironbark

By and far the best trails at Ironbark are Kombi Express and Sunsets, there are a few other trails there but primarily these are the cream of the crop and probably the only trails I tend to ride when I am out there. Kombi Express starts at the top of the hill off the fireroad after a couple of pinch climbs and finishes right back at the skills park where you would have parked your wheels. It’s an intermediate trails with some advanced features on it, but flowy ride-arounds for all the features, packed with berms, doubles, a cannon log and even a couple of small rock gardens at the bottom. This trail is a truly awesome flow trail that is a must when hitting Ironbark.

The Cannon log on Kombi Express- Epic to hit at speed

Sunset ridge is another pearl of Ironbark and is a more rugged technical, hand=built trails that keeps the rider on his toes and delivers a rush of adrenaline for those hitting it at pace. An Advanced trail and probably a bit daunting for the those that aren’t experienced but it certainly delivers a technical ride that compliments the flow of Kombi. The trail ends at the skills park and you can hit the entrance by heading of the fire road where Kombi enters, but head left over humpty-dumpty before dropping into Sunsets.

The pitfalls of Ironbark

like any trail hub, it is still under development and the local club and trail alliance has done a great job working with the land holders, but these efforts have been hampered from time to time by illegal trail building. It is important to note that both these entities had no involvement in the illegal trail building and were quick to address the issue when identified. This hopefully was a temporary set-back and we look forward to seeing more trails built in this area.

Probably the biggest downfall is the lack of trails at Ironbark but hopefully that will increase, with more trails planned the future looks bright. The close proximity of Bunya trails also makes it possible to ride between the two by exiting onto Linkwood drive from the eastern area of Ironbark, adding some more variety and distance to the ride.


dec 16 4


Ironbark gully is an excellent place to ride, close to the Brisbane CBD and easily accessible with ample parking. It has some great trails and with more planned on the horizon, the stoke level will only increase. If you are in the local area or visiting Brisbane, hit up Ironbark and have a cracking time on the trails…….

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